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Trying to climb that mountain and become a Top Rated Seller

Hey everyone!

About a month and a half ago I finally hit all the criteria needed to become a Top-Rated Seller. However, I just haven’t managed to climb that mountain and receive that rank yet. I’m writing this to hopefully start a dialogue with others who have become TRS about their experience earning that rank (how long it took, your average stats when you got the promotion, things you did to optimize your gig to jump over that final hurdle, etc). Any input at all would be so appreciated! I understand this can be a long process, but I am a bit of an active person so I just want to make sure I’m doing what I can do in the meantime while my nomination is pending, not sitting idly by.

To speak on my own statistics in the last 60 days:

I have a 100% Response Rate, 100% Delivered on Time, 100% Completion, and I averaged 5.0 stars (I think my lifetime rating is 4.9 though). I also have never had a TOS violation. With these stats I felt really confident going into this process, but now I’m wondering if I need to make modifications to my prices, content, etc to make it to the next level. I could be overthinking it and this could just take time, but that’s why I was hoping to start a dialogue and get some friendly advice.

Again, thank you in advance to everyone who weighs in and I am so appreciative of your knowledge!


I believe scanning your competition that currently reached TRS status might help you spot areas where you and them are operating differently. And then maybe explaining why you are not leveling up. I wish you all the best to reach this sesame !


Thank you for your advice @hikarishinjo I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in and I will definitely be taking the time to look into those in my niche that have reached TRS!


The first month I thought I might get L1, I didn’t eh next I did.

I assume that is because most of their stats run on a 60 day average.

That said, I am concerned for my L1 already as I got sent a message off BR where the person blocked me instantly so I was unable to reply. My response stats are falling daily despite that fact that I coul d never action that (insult).



@benedictrm Contact customer service in that scenario, that sounds like an unfair situation that could likely be rectified by them for the sake of response rate. In the meantime, keep replying to everyone and try to keep it up a little higher. Also, you can promote your gig on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc to try to get new customers to come in and talk to you about your work which will boost response rate!

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Maybe, I heard that in similar cases with Spam, nothing was doable as it was completely up to the computer. Tis what it is is. So far the L1 hasn’t exactly set my world alight.

Have you ever marketed on FB etc? I tried a few times for things and all I ever did was burn lots of money. People say it is easy & great but advice always seems counter to reality. Or maybe what I do is just too hard for people to understand when they can just go to some $5 idiot and pretend it is good enough??

I see people doing things and winning that I would never feel comfortable doing as it is the sort of thing I was trained NOT to do. The choice seems dishonor myself (and my craft) and make a few coins, or be honorable and starve. Worse the choice seems out of my hands as by my very nature, I seem to be not the “right” fit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind having a small market, leave Trailer Swift wannabes to to others and all that, but surely with all the people begging for quality work, I should fit in somewhere.

Sorry, you don’t want to hear that no doubt.


I haven’t used paid marketing on Facebook, I’ve found I have the most success when I join Facebook groups that are meant for Fiverr sellers to share their gigs with others, and then I make a point to promote my gig a certain amount of times in the group per month and such. Also if you’re having trying to have more control over who you work with definitely be sending requests to buyer requests if you like their project, that way you can sort of preview the task before throwing your hat in the ring.

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Well, I believe, there are unique and strong factors taken into consideration by Fiverr Separate Editors team, who award this level to selective sellers.

I hit the requirements for few months now, my stats are bamboo, i am x2 of what’s requested for net income, with 270$+ avg selling price.

Sometime, you just have to keep doing great to be continuous noticed as a good seller in their eyes, and hopefully eventually you will get.

And let me clear some more points, i think you had not read any TRS post yet on forum, but let me guide you.

  1. Some people even not get TRS badge in their career.
  2. It’s not necessary that if you have good numbers , you’ll get immediately.
  3. This is manual process and you have to wait and keep doing great to be handpicked.
  4. Don’t get demotivated, do more hardwork and rock out with more good numbers.
  5. Be a unique seller in your category.

I hope this clarified you concerns,



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@vickiespencer CONGRATULATIONS you completely deserve it and that’s so exciting! Keep inspiring the rest of us with your hard work, I hope you celebrate today because that’s such an incredible achievement!

@shafqat_1 Thank you! I appreciate the advice a lot, definitely sounds like a bit of a waiting game but I’ll keep doing what I do and hope it happens when it happens. It’s nice to more or less hear it’s not just me that is taking a second to be promoted to TRS. Thank you for your patient advice and for going out of your way to help me with your thoughts!

I got TRS two months after hitting all the obvious criteria like stats, ratings, earnings, etc. It’s got a lot to do with “overall buyer satisfaction” too. The private reviews left later are taken into account.

If you’re happy with your profile and gig(s), then just keep doing what you’re doing and look forward to the badge!


@leannelrivers yes, I believe the “private feedbacks”, and overall satisfaction of buyer in terms of over delivery and happiness , are what matters except having good in ratings and what’s public showing factors of our profile. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @leannelrivers ! I am about two months out from hitting the criteria so I will keep it up and be patient, thank you for sharing your experience it’s really heartening!

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