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Trying to creat some attractive gigs

**Assalamualikum, I am from Pakistan created my account on fiverr few months back but wasn’t able to create gigs and post on forum as I didn’t know how to do all that :confused: **
Anyways things are a little bit better, can anyone visit my profile and gigs and tell me do they meet the standards?
Your guidelines are always welcome.


Haven’t looked beyond your profile. First impression: the chalkboard image for the translation gig doesn’t make much sense as-is. Maybe something like:

Tarjuma Karnay Wala
ترجمہ کرنے والا,

(^Google, so apologies if wrong.)
Putting that on a blackboard makes more sense. I’m not keen on the Proof Reader gig image either, but I have no suggestions on that. (though there is a typo in the gig title, ‘prof’)

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hmm let me adjust a little bit, thank you for the suggestion

Hi, for 1500 words I would charge more.
If you’re a writer it should show in your description. Your description is to short there is no paragraphs only bullet points. You must tell me what I am getting when I buy your gig.
And $5 looks terrible rather make it $10.


hmm… agreed to the part that description needs revision, but the sad part is that even charging as low as 5$ I haven’t received any order yet :confused:

Maybe since you’re asking for such a little amount of money, people will think you’re inexperienced and not make an order.

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This can be the issue, let me give it a try. Thank you for your valuable advice :blush:

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