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Trying to figure out how much a good intro video would costs to have made

On my channel I have about 4,500 subs thus far and over 200 videos. I want to have an intro video made for my channel explaining me and what it is I do (deep web, geek, tech, Vlogs, rants and so on. I believe with all the videos I have made someone would be able to make a pretty good intro for me on my page. How much though would you say it would costs me to have a good intro made that will attract more people and be something people would want to share and help promote my channel? I don’t have a lot of money, but sometimes (or most of the time) you got to spend money to make money! Any help here would be awesome!


Hi takedownman. Please contact me and we can discuss your requirements. We do much more than the gigs listed and we’ve been doing it for 26 years! Connect here:

Five to $10 is good, you don’t have to spend much I have purchased a lot of intros and they pretty much are all good, but you should not have to spend much for a really good intro.

With your audio I could make you a custom cartoon animated intro video for around $100-$200. Much cheaper if you use one of my existing characters.