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Trying to figure out the reason of gigs getting deranked

Hi, I’m a level 2 seller and my niche is logo designing. My gig was ranked in top ten pages of general logo design category and i was performing well. Suddenly a week ago, All of my gigs went to the last pages. I’m trying to figure out my mistake because none of my orders got cancelled nor any late delivery nor any bad review. I have seen many forums here but don’t get a proper reason or explaination and how much time it took to regain your original position again etc. I think the only problem i did was, I increased the price for a whole month. Where normally my completed orders of last 30 days were 70 and from past 30 days they are reduced to 40. Maybe due to the conversion rate? I just need to know if anyone else who had fixed this issue or has experienced this and got his gigs back in ranking? Thanks