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Trying to find out if this is a Scam or not?

This is what happened. Someone messaged me on fiverr saying that if I was interested in “long term opportunity” and i said that i was interested. later when he messaged me back, he said that we could connect on another chatting app for further details, and we connected and the opportunity he as giving me was to help him created a account on a website called “upwork” and he would pay me $200 a month just to make him one account and that would be it. After he told me that I was getting suspicious because, why would someone just pay someone $200 a month for a one time thing? Also he wanted to use vmware. This has happend twice, so I tried to look everywhere if someone had this experience to see if this is a scam or not. I couldn’t find anyone with this problem unfortunately. I only received two messeges like this.

i got three of those. This is a scam, so I said no to all three of these.


It’s a scam. The person messaging you wants to steal all your personal information and compromise the security of your PC. Agreeing to communicate off-Fiverr in any way will also see you get banned from Fiverr for breaching TOS.


You just admitted that you gave him contact information. :bomb:


Whenever anyone asks you to do something for them that is somehow linked to some other website, remind yourself that it’s against Fiverr’s terms of service to do anything as a gig that is against a 3rd party’s terms of service.

Then take a moment to ponder whether it might not be against that other website’s terms to have random people open accounts for other random people (or whatever the person asks you to do).

In roughly 99.99% of cases, it will be against the terms of that other website, and thus against Fiverr’s terms too (do read Fiverr’s terms of service if you haven’t yet. It’s a MUST READ, really).
Which means, even if it’s not a scam in the sense of them not paying you for your service or them hacking your pc, you could end up losing your Fiverr account.

So, the even more important question than “Is it a scam?” might be “Is it against the terms of service and do I want to keep my Fiverr account?” If that’s a clear yes already, it’s not so important whether it’s a scam or not and you can save the time thinking about that (actually, it’s a scam against the other website, at the least).


$200 just for creating an account on a website? If something is too good to be true, it is almost always fake/a scam. Considering this person asked you to violate Fiverr’s ToS (by asking you to contact them off Fiverr), you can be rest assured that it is a scam. Please try to remember that in the future. :slight_smile:

This is a very well-known scam, and it’s unfortunate that you were unable to find anyone else with this problem considering there are literally hundreds of forum posts in which sellers have reported this exact same scam (you could search for them using Fiverr’s search tool :mag:) .

As has already been pointed out to you by others, this is against Fiverr’s ToS, and it is possible that Fiverr might issue you a ToS warning for that. I urge you to thoroughly go through and understand Fiverr’s Terms of Service as not doing so will inadvertently result in a ToS warning or account suspension/ban.


Also, in addition to what others have said, Upwork is a direct competitor for Fiverr on a lot of points. So doubly bad to try to communicate with someone asking for assistance with a fiverr look-a-like platform. Just saying…

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I’m guessing you didn’t read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You just broke them by communicating outside of Fiverr.

You’ll be lucky if you don’t get banned for it.

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