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Trying to find someone to do a gig and never getting a reply

I understand that most on Fiverr are one step away from welfare, however, when you post a gig that you do something and I need this service, it is not only professional, but also POLITE to answer!

I am looking for a Database conversion… This will take a couple of hours, yet those that I contact to find out about the cost (they have this exact service) never reply back.

My Fiverr mailbox if filling up with letters I send that never get answered!

We should be able to report this to someone for follow up!

The quality of your workers are going to determine the quality of the site!

I will be trying odesk and freelancer next!

My experiment with Fiverr may be coming to an end!

Out of curiosity, have you been messaging sellers with ratings? Also, your request may not be within their capabilities, I know you said they offer this service, but are there any specifics that might keep the sellers from wanting to take on the job? I find it odd that not one seller replied to you, but not impossible. They may be busy with orders, how long have you been waiting and how many sellers have you messaged? Sorry this is so frustrating. I know when I receive a lot of messages, sometimes I miss some, it happens unfortunately.

I am writing them with a request of EXACTLY what they have posted…CSV or Excel to mysql conversion…

The only thing is the number of products I have … about 500, I do not expect to pay $5 for this, so I ask for clarification…

This has been 4 members over a 3 month period, I am now at my deadline so I need to get this done!

It sounds like your giving everyone an excuse and more likely yourself as well. I’ve been in the same boat, if I see a gig I need and I contact the seller usually they never get back to me and if they do its days later. The response times on these “sellers” is ridiculous. I run and business and if I never communicated with my clients then I’d probably be eating soup out of a shoe. Communication is key, if you can’t do the job then just say so rather then ignoring someone.

Reply to @cperkins18: Yes, it would be better if they responded immediately, but people do have lives, orders to complete and usually a queue of messages to reply to. I’m sorry you feel the response time of the sellers you have contacted is not up to par with your expectations. I wasn’t trying to make excuses, just stating some reasons as to why sellers may not respond and trying figure out why the buyer hadn’t received a response. Only trying to help.

Reply to @nexxterra: That’s unfortunate. You could try copying your message and sending it out to active sellers, ones that either show recent ratings left/delivery’s and to only level two/top rated sellers. You may have better odds this way.

Some sellers only write you when the have questions or when they have delivered the order, just so you know. Of course, if you’re messaging them before you place the order, the should answer.

I am sorry for your frustration. It is important that buyers have a good experience and stay on the site.

I will let you inside my head as a fiverr provider.

I am not familiar with the service you need, but as a provider on fiverr, I get sometimes 3 to 6 email requests an hour. I know other providers may get more. Each one has scripts and notes to evaluate. I feel that it is respectful to respond to each request even if the request is not a good fit for my gig. I want to help protect the buyer’s experience on fiverr. Even if the job doesn’t directly benefit me. I use copy paste responses that are commonly needed to help save time. I see how it would be easy to just ignore them, as I am focused all day on projects that are due today and have to be completed. I respond quickly to emails about 16 hours of a 24 hour day. Seven days a week.

These may not apply to you, but as a buyer, I would suggest always being very simple with job requests. I see Fiverr as a micro job site. It is difficult to quickly dissect a 4 page description about a job that will only take 30 minutes to do. Reading the requirements and trying to make sense of them will actually take longer than the actual job takes. I have kindly refused to quote a job only because I didn’t clearly understand the notes and they weren’t organized.

When you are ordering the first gig from a provider, only order a small segment of what your total needs are. I would rather quote 1 30 second video, then to quote you 20 30 second videos in one order for your first order. After I have done one or two projects with you, I will be more interested in a larger project.

I find it is more difficult to work with people that seem to be in a hurry or behind. Many times it’s not their fault. I am very concerned about timely delivery, but needing to rush it and request earlier deliveries is not good for the product or the price. You can only pick 2 of the three options. Awesome, low price, fast. The universe doesn’t allow all three at the same time.

I am more interested as a provider in having the right jobs in my queue. I’m not as concerned about the quantity of jobs. It is better to have no jobs than to have the wrong jobs. I try to remind myself that every morning.

I guess I am in the minority? I am a provider that is not one step away from welfare! It just happens that a lot of my clients here on fiverr pay using five dollar bills. It is my responsibility to make my gigs an awesome value and be able to make good money. Both the provider and the buyer can benefit well during a transaction. Fiverr has created an efficient way to do it.

Being able to setup a gig doesn’t automatically make you a great person with great people skills and integrity. Look for people with a track record and many great reviews. I can learn a lot about a provider when I read their response to a negative review.