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Trying to find someone to help with 22social setup and post was declined


I’m trying to post for a consultation to help setup my 22social account. I got declined for the post that I made.

What did I do wrong?

I need some help with setting up my 22social acount. I would like some assistance with a simple set-up. I want someone to clarify how to lay out my membership page and gate, and my fan page. If you’re familiar with 22social I just need a simple walk-through consultation, to set these two up.


Can you please be more specific or rephrase the issue you’re having?

Having…? Support can help.


I am not sure how to search for help with 22social as I am not sure what category I should put it in.
It is a Facebook app that combines FB login with selling online programs, a “gate”, which others would call a landing page or sales page and a way to take payments for programs and membership on FB groups.

I just started using it but cannot seem to get the logistics together in my head. Support offers a lot of videos, but they are all around 1 hour long. I just need someone to walk through 22S with me, to show me how to set it up correctly as I don’t have a lot of time to watch numerous videos to get all of the simple answers that I need.

I want to find someone who knows 22Social. I am sure it would take them minutes to show me everything I need to know, at least at the beginning stages. Then, I would also have a contact to support me in some of the other steps as I progress.


I understand.

I suggest updating your post title because currently it’s hard to understand what you’re looking for.


OK, thanks! What would be a better title? Or what parameters would be best to search for someone to help me? :blush:


Try posting a buyers request, with a clear paragraph on what software you need help with.

Best of luck.