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Trying to get my first payment via Bank transfer



I never received a payment before. Now have some cleared balance which I can withdraw. When I click “Bank Transfer” in Revenue page, it sends an email. After clicking then link I add answer to security question. Then it take me to fiverr home page not to payoneer signup page.

I was a buyer for more than 2 years, will this be an issue ?

Already have a payoneer account, but haven’t apply for a Card. I like to transfer to payoneer and then transfer to bank account (Bank Account details already setup in Payoneer) .

Kindly help.


Hello @technopluslk1, were you able to resolve this already? I know someone who has encountered same problem and was looking for some answer to this as well. Would be much appreciated if you can give us an update here if this was possible or if went through just as fine (Local Bank Transfer). Thanks!


@fiverrfanatic Thanks!
Sorry for late reply. I got it solved. Got payments several times now.