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Trying to get started on Fiverr again but having no luck?

Hey all. Made my account at the beginning of the year because I wanted to give Fiverr a try. Got only one order in almost 2 months back then so didn’t really use it & wrote it off. I know Fiverr is good though so wanted to make it work this time.

Can anyone maybe check my profile out and give some tips?

I know a lot of top sellers in my field (mixing & mastering) have a video in a professional looking studio. I work from home & don’t have all the same equipment so didn’t want to put up a video yet but if you guys think even a simple video without all the equipment in the background would work let me know!

I’ve also noticed a bunch of people who have more sales then me using images of high quality analog gear & expensive looking studios but then charge even less than me. When I check to see what the service includes, they don’t even use the gear in the pictures (when i made my gig there was an option to click on a box for analog & I’ve noticed most people don’t have it checked off). That’s sort of scummy imo & I don’t want to do that. I got scammed big time years ago by industry known professional when I first started & don’t want to do the same to others.

My friend says it could be the picture I use but at the same time that never seemed to matter to the local clients I already have.

Sorry for making this long. Just trying to figure this out.