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Trying to improve my GIG



I am trying to improve my gig because I think it’s not performing that good. Even I didn’t get a single order since last week. Please suggest me what to do. How can I perform more better?



Thats good welcome to fiverr


Thanks. Please help me out if possible.


if u need something i am here to help


Thanks a lot. Actually Some buyers are knocking me in inbox and when I am telling them that I am interested to work with them, they stop giving reply. In fact I sowed them my past work samples also. But one month ago I got 15 orders with in two hours and all was successful. But now this is unexpected.


fiverr change their algorithm, thats why regular seller like us lose their sales. But not with high ratings seller.


Oh my god. I think this is a big issue for us. What should we do now?


Same problem, not even a single sales in 3 days for some reason… :cry:


This is going difficult day by day than. This is frustrating :frowning:


I think you need sent offer in buyer request menu routinely and keep praying :innocent:


Already sending ten offers in buyer requests per day but still no feedback :confused: