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Trying to make a successfull career in fiverr

I am a new seller.
I have got my first order on Fiverr last week.
But still, now my gig ranking is being down.
How can I get more orders on Fiverr???

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Please, keep marketing or share your gigs on social media. and make sure that you’re always in online.

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Thanks for your advice

welcome to Fiver FORUM :grinning: :heart: :heartbeat: :revolving_hearts: :weary:

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Thank you and love for all the members

Stay active on working hours. Write buyer requests creatively. Try to improve your gig SEO, research about your gig SEO, Titles, Descriptions and make your gig buyer friendly. So that one can understand about your service easily. I hope these tips will help. Have a nice day!


thank you verry much for your great advice .

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