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Trying to make my money to support my family

Hey there!

I had Fiverr for some time now and am now getting active on here!
In times of the pandemic everything is hard. Our town went into Lockdown and
my parents lost their jobs, now I’m trying to make money to support them financially,
since my brother is terminally ill and my dog needs surgery, so honestly I’m very desperate
to get any money here. I’m also hoping to maybe find friends or people that are interested in my
art. Fiverr has a very nice and supportive community, I’m comfortable!

Have a nice day!


Hi Emi :slightly_smiling_face:
Just wanna send you some positive vibes and hope :green_heart:

I am a singer, What do you do?


Consider editing your gigs, adding more images and proper gig description. Right now, your gigs look incomplete and you have just 1 photo on each gig. Try to add relevant gig images that will sell and read the posts on forum related to improving gigs.


Thanks for the tip! I will try to improve my Gigs using your critism :slight_smile:

I’m Also New, Start from Today , Wanna be Top Rated

Wish You Best Of Luck. I am also want to support My Family our goals are same.

get well soon for your brother and dog… hopefully you get order on fiverr… :smiley:

You should go to Fiverr learn and take the free course they have. It’s really good to learn more about how you can be a successful seller here.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Of Luck… :heart:

If you want help you just need to create your own topic.

Best of luck… <3

Wish You Best Of Luck

I send positive vibes!
Best of luck here!

Hope to achieve your purpose in fiverr but it won’t be easy.