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Trying to make my title and description yield better results

Hello… I’m trying to create specific wording in my gig title and description to see if a customer’s search with those specific words will get me listed more prominently… if at all. I do different voice imitations, so I figured that listing the different characters in my description would help… nothing yet. Also I have a SPECIFIC gig (cheech and chong voices) in which their names are in the title, but a search with those words gives me nothing. Can anyone give me advice on how to cleverly tailor my wording so I can be found? See the 3 pictures for an example of what I did… and what happened… Thanks

Oh can I add something? I just noticed… see the last attachment? The second gig over? Barry White? Just for the heck of it, I went and typed “Barry White voiceover”… and the result listed him as I expected… hmmm. this is confusing. Thanks