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Trying to report Spam


I’ve received the spam emails threatening to attach porn backlinks to my website. The advice from Fiverr is to report it to Support, which I tried to do…It’s impossible to report it as there is no category that the complaint fits into, therefore you can’t submit the complaint.
Please can you fix
this, not everything fits a category!



In the first drop-down box, you could select:

  1. “Report terms of service violation”

Now, In the second box that shows up, select:

  1. “Terms of service violation”

Then, in the third box (under the question “What seems to be the problem?”), you could either select:

  1. “I keep getting phishing and spam messages/email” (or) “I have a general violation Inquiries”


This is a known issue and is a phishing scam only. It has already been noted in a forum banner post: Fiverr Seller Sending Blackmail [Threatening Email, Scam, Adult Backlinks, Phishing - KNOWN ISSUE]
—Any other questions or concerns should ONLY be reported to Support, not posted on the forum.