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Trying to understand... fees?

Or rather, I’d like to learn how to understand fees that Fiverr conducts on sellers and buyers.
From what I’ve seen so far, it is -1$ from a 5$ service which is fair I guess. Is this % based or a more fixated tag?

For example, I’ve completed an offer for 30$ plus received a tip of 5$. Fiverr took 10$ (Which is 1/3!) plus a dollar from a tip. So my final revenue was 24$. Which I find, to be honest, a bit de-motivating. That means, if I see that my service price is 30$ worth, I have to throw above 10$ to compensate myself from said fees?

Now I know a buyer also has to pay fees yet I’m unsure if it’s a fixated one or not?

I’m genuinely interested to hear out your thoughts, experiences and solutions you’ve came up regarding these fees.


I see you didn’t read terms and conditions that you signed and agreed to and ticked a box that you read and understood them :wink:

It’s fairly simple: 20%.
Fiverr takes 20% from your earnings.


I read it once but my memory isn’t a great once so probably slipped out of my mind then. Perhaps I should have just re-read them instead of bothering you here. My bad and thanks for an answer!

Fiverr’s platform services providing fee is 20% from each order and if you receive Tip form buyer there will also deduction of 20% from tip amount.

Example Order total cost is $30 then you will get $24 and if you got the tip of $10 but you will get $8.

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I hear you, I’ve been selling at Fiverr for 10 years, and when I first started I’d say 98% of my orders were all 5 dollar orders, so making $4 didn’t seem bad. Once I started getting larger orders I felt like the 20% was a HUGE chunk, and I ended up raising my prices because of that.

Thing is, even after I’ve raised my prices, I still kinda-sorta get sad when I see that 20% taken away,
ESPECIALLY from the tip, but what can I say, that’s just how Fiverr is.
You might want to consider raising your prices too eventually. :slight_smile:


Even if it’s still 20% :slight_smile:

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