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Trying to understand level status evaluations

I’m a little confused about the system used to evaluate sellers for level promotions. I fully understand the benchmarks one needs to meet to qualify. And, I read how Fiverr does evaluations every 60 days. It’s the second point I’m wondering about. I’m a newer seller. In my first evaluation on August 15, I had the 5 star rating and proper order completion rate, but not the total sales- so I didn’t qualify for Level One. My second 60 day evaluation is October 15. I have maintained my 5 stars and have finally met the sales criteria, but am now at an 87% completion rate with a recent cancellation. Am I understanding correctly? If I happen to remain at an 87% on October 15, will that start off by tarnishing that entire 60-day period to be evaluated December 15? And considering the following 60-day evaluation would be February 15, is that going to be the next chance I have to make Level One- four months from now? I continue to work on and promote my gig as usual. But, the day I dipped below 90%, orders and inquiries completely stopped. I’m not at all complaining or being negative, but simply trying to get a better understanding of the system. Thanks!

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Evaluations take place every month. Stats from the past 60 days are taken into account. As long as you satisfy the criteria on the day your evaluation takes place, you’ll be promoted.

Some people’s stats are in the red zone for 29 days, but they get promoted because the stats went green on day 30.


Excellent. Thank you for clarifying that. I suppose I was confused by the “stats for the previous 60 days” taken into account part. Obviously, my concern was- even if I get back to 90% by October 15, that 87% point was still within the previous 60 days. Thanks again. I’m breathing a little easier now!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Thankfully not!

As you can imagine, lots of people become quite anxious around the 14-15th of every month, hoping they get a message or an order, which would allow them to bump up their stats and stay at their level/be promoted.

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