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Trying to work Here not to make relations [CLOSED - Similar thread posted]

I am new seller and just started working at fiverr. My aim is to get projects and I appreciate to talk with clients not for those whom says hello,how are you ? whats up etc etc.

Guys we are here With an aim of getting jobs not for personal relations.Try to avoid such things. I apologize for being hurting someone here. I didn’t mean to insulting anyone.

A lot of people usually say hey how are you to me also, but then that also leads to them purchasing gigs so you might as well reply because you are more likely to get projects from it, people just want to be nice and build relations with the seller which can lead to returning customers ! :slight_smile:

Hey, saying ‘hello, how are you’ to you does not mean one is trying to befriend or make relations with you. Its just courtesy. Even if they ask you some personal questions, like about your country etc. It could be their way to build trust. Unless they begin to get out of line, then you may remind them the purpose of the platform.

Just report those who message you inappropriately.