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Tshirts, which specs and files?

Hi all,

I have started requesting projects for tshirt designs but right now more focused on the images I need so I have not necesarilly been working with tshirt designers only.

Im not a designer and I only have access to GIMP (which I have but Im not familar with or Canva).

  1. I am not sure which specs to provide since I will sell across Amazon Merch, RedBubble, Etsy etc. Here are the Amazon specs for t-shirts. If I ask for this, will it work for Etsy or Red Bubble?

300 ppi/dpi
Transparent PNG
File size does not exceed 25MB
4500px by 5400px

  1. I dont know which type of file to ask for so that I can add or change on the design made by a Fiverr, the tshirt text …on GIMP or Canva. I assume a lot of designers here use Adobe products. (I dont have Adobe nor do I plan to subscribe to it at the moment though Im sure it would make it easier).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

By no means am I an expert, but I’ve been looking into POD as a way of bringing in passive income lately and I thought I’d give you advice based on what I’ve learnt.

The specs you mentioned for Amazon merch will work for other websites, too. However, some people recommend you go up to 9000px by 9000px when selling on POD sites like redbubble because it makes printing on duvets easier, and even the manipulation of the image on smaller images easier. If you just type something along the lines of “make image bigger editor” into Google, something should come up that could adapt this for you without changing the quality of the image you receive from Fiverr.

I have no idea about a file you can use to add or change the design made by Fiverr though, sorry!

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tks More info pls fiverrs!

I’m by no means a printing expert either, although I have placed many a screen printing order and briefly considered starting a small business myself. I believe those specs should work for most things. 5000 px is pretty big so unless you’re making huge banners, I don’t think that’s an issue.

.png’s are great. As far as I’m aware there’s no file that’ll let you just edit text, unless they send you the source files (cough cough adobe.) The simplest thing I can suggest if you wish to switch text is to have the seller do whatever image stuff and leave a text section blank so you can put your own in.

Answer your questions? As I said, I do have at least some experience so I may be able to help.

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You don’t need to subscribe to Adobe. If you put in a request for a design specify that you would like the finished product delivered in a PNG file with transparent background. PNG files are compatible with GIMP so this should make things a little less hectic. As the others have mentioned it’s best to get the graphics completed separate from the text.

Best course of action is to take some time and plan out what it is you’re looking for in a design so you won’t have to worry about making a lot of adjustments graphic-wise. You can also put in a request for the seller to use the gimp program to create the design so that you two can be on the same page. I haven’t used the program myself but have seen what others have created in the program over the years.