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Tumble Weeds & Crickets - No Sales


Hi Fiverr’ss

Wow December is turning out to be an cave with a great echo… Last couple of weeks have been all over the place in regards to sales and analytics hitting the floor every 5 mins. Thanks to repeat customers I’m still going. It seems closing high cost sales and 5 star reviews has no effect on visability anymore. So far Level2 has been mehh.
I’m promoting more than ever…


Yep it’s the holidays, going to be a little slow


Sometimes you have to lower prices, I don’t mean $5 but whatever minimum you can live with. I did that on 12/3, on 12/4 I got three orders.

Or if you have no sales, increase your prices (on your two most popular gigs) by $10 and see what happens.

My December income varies wildly, but it’s not necessarily my worst month.

There’s a lot of people advertising in December, not to mention people that want ads ready for January. For real estate flippers, winter is a great time to score great deals. Houses tend to sit on the market longer, so sellers are more flexible.

December means a lot of high schoolers will be on vacation, some of them might be young entrepreneurs, seeking professional services.

Some companies close the last two weeks of December, so you might get some trade from their employees.

This is also a great time to create Christmas or Holiday gigs. I’m sure Santa Claus impersonators are making a killing.


Same here…I did check my analytics because I was curious…seems Dec is slow for me in general. Hoping things pick up for us soon!