Turkey and payment methods


As I understood we cant give order with our credit card from Turkey and it is really shame and I cant understand. I sent messages after failure payment but they didnt even give me what I ask. so I found out it was from credit card origin I guess. I used website and also mobile app. so after used app. I noticed there is no name of Turkey you need to choose other. After you choose web page goes to paypal and there is no Turkey too. So you have lost me. GoodLuck


I’ve never even heard of Turkey so I’m guessing it’s not big enough to make it worthwhile. I’ve never seen it as an option of paying for anything online so why should Fiverr be different?
It’s not hard to set up paypal.


They don’t accept your method of payment because your from turkey? Never heard of that before.


PayPal no longer works in Turkey (some new Turkish policy or something).

I might be slow tonight, so… Is this a joke?


I totally misread the OPs message. I thought Turkey was a paypal equivalent payment system.



@capitalquality You got me confused for a moment… :grin:


It is thanks to their RICH president:


LOL. You had me confused too. Maybe Turkey is a payment system owned by the Duck Duck Go search engine? :slight_smile: As to the real Turkey, I was there once for about 10 minutes, though the only person that left the airplane was on a stretcher and we didn’t stick around. :fearful:


In my defence, I’d only just woken up :slight_smile: