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Turn Copywriting into Copy-Pasting That Sells [CLOSED DUE TO EXCESSIVE BUMPS]

“Unbelievable work… I gave them a couple examples and the “feel” I needed the bio to have and an amazing product was produced… I will be recommending your services to my friends for sure. Thanks for the great work!”

  • Testdrivetech (President of, a new or used vehicle inspection company)

“Fantastic! I will be returning to you with more projects in the near future.”

  • Staceythewriter (Owner of, a company that helps physicians market their concierge medical practice)

“One of the best forms of word usage on fiver.”

  • sleeperrecruit (Owner of, a college recruitment company for high school athletes)

Do you need sales? Do you need to express the value of your product or service to your customers? Do you need to make convincing promises specific to your unique audience and make your promises believable using proof elements that you never even knew you had?

I will help you get your message across clearly and convincingly to make you sales. Even if that increase in sales is just 10%, every sale goes a long way.

This gig is for smart business owners only. If you have no basic knowledge of how copywriting is used in effective marketing strategies, this gig is not for you.

You’re hiring someone who learned from the classic, pioneer, and legendary copywriters:
Claude Hopkins – Scientific Advertising (1923)
Robert Collier – The Robert Collier Letter Book (1937)
Victor Schwab – How to Write a Good Advertisement (1942)
Eugene Schwartz – Breakthrough Advertising (1966)

Quality copywriters on Fiverr are hard to come by especially one that takes your company’s revenue growth seriously. If you’re not satisfied with the work, I will refund the full amount you paid so there’s no risk to you. Let’s get you more paying customers this 2016.

** P.S. - To learn more, click the link to the gig.
** P.P.S. - Samples are available upon request. It’s highly recommended you contact me before ordering so we can discuss your unique needs.







Interesting service your providing. I may try it out and actually see if it works the way I think your offering it. I can see where we could suggest your services if it worked well for my primary business.

Thanks for replying reasonableweb. I hope you do find the service fits with what you are looking for in your primary business. Good copywriting is the key to converting traffic into leads and leads into sales, don’t you think?

Thanks for the PM. Looking forward to hearing more from you.