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Turns out getting Top Rated seller isn't as easy as i thought

I just failed my second evaluation day despite meeting all requirements for getting Top Rated Seller. I also have 5-stars average in all categories with 390 reviews, 100% Response Rate (with <1 hour average response time), 100% Order Completion Rate and 100% On-time Delivery. These stats literally can’t get any better.

I know it is a manual progress, but if they are going to deny me this level up they should at least give me some feedback on how to improve for next evaluation. I was really looking forward to that sweet 7 day clearance.

Any idea what might be holding me back? Has anyone else experienced not getting Top Rated Seller without knowing why.


Hmm, that’s a shame! That happened to me when I leveled up to level one, it just took another month after I had met all the requirements, and am now nearly at level 2 seller, my humble guess is that they may only have a certain amount each month? Only speculation, hope you get it soon!


Yes. Every month it happens to approximately 900,0000 other sellers.


Level 1 and 2 is automatic and the level up happens if you meat the requirements on the 15th of any given month.

Top Rated Seller is the only one where they can chose to manually deny your level up even if you meet the requirements.

Interesting, where did you get that information?
I would love to get a source where I can read more.

I think cyaxrex is being ironic. Being Top Rated seller isn’t a question of meeting the requirements and there is no specific reason as why you haven’t been chosen yet. Simply speaking, if anyone could be chosen as Top Rated seller on requirements alone, everyone would be a Top Rated seller sooner or later. Fiverr handpicks their Top Rated sellers based on many other criterias that only the staff knows, so you just need to be patient, cross your fingers and hope next time it will be your turn :smile:


That would be interesting, since lifetime earnings of 20k are needed. For 900.000 sellers to even be eligible, that would mean $ in sales from those alone. 18 billion dollars. I’m starting to think Fiverr’s stock is undervalued even with the recent 100% rally lol


hope you will get it on next evaluation

In 2014, Fiverr had 14 million users.


I am estimating that 1 million of these users were sellers. It is not unreasonable to expect 900,000 of these to have made $20K since then. They would have only have had to make $3,333 per year for the last 6-years, not counting any earnings they had prior to 2014.

900,000 sellers being eligible for TRS is an estimate. However, I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect that this number is in the right ballpark.

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It’s not though, your estimate is wildly off mark. The vast majority of sellers make next to nothing. I’d say 1% of active sellers reaching 20k lifetime earnings is a good estimate, probably overestimating. Just think about the numbers for a bit. in 2019 (IPO), Fiverr raised capital at a valuation of around 600 million. For your numbers to be accurate, they would have to have a volume of over 18 billion in sales just from the sellers getting 20k or more lifetime earnings, of which they would take 20%. That would value the company AT THE VERY LEAST in the tens of billions. It’s WAY less than that. Like, way, way less.

Your estimate of 900.000 sellers competing for TRS every month is also discounting all the ones who are already TRS, so not competing to get the level. I’d say there are 1000 sellers eligible to be TRS for the first time each month, tops.


Here are the official results from fiverr:

Highest revenues are just over 100 million, so that means 500 million in sales in 2019. This includes the fees, etc, so actual sale value by sellers is even lower. All the other years were lower, so Fiverr has made around maybe 1 billion lifetime earnings - probably way less. That’s way under the 5 billion your estimate would put it at.

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I’m now raising my estimate to 2 million sellers qualifying for TRS status each month. - Just to annoy you. :wink:


You can annoy me, but you can’t annoy math :smiley:


This only proves one thing. You dont need to create a good or well working platform to get ton of cash xD

One thing that I have heard from staff is that they tend to not really like when people do too much of a variety of services - that they specialize in one or two related areas. So say translation, writing and proofreading are quite related, but then the other gigs you have aren’t. I would say to pause gigs that aren’t selling for you and focus on your key areas. Be the expert Norwegian translator rather than the guy who does a bit of translation, web design and unusual gigs.
There is also limits to the number that are chosen for each category and unfortunately (it seems to me anyway) that they count all translators as one category, rather than having each language pair as a category. In this way, there could be 1000 TRS Spanish-English translators, but no Norwegian-English translators, for example.


Now its 3 million. - And yes, math can be annoyed. Math is only a theory. The highest number in math used to be 60 and the entire civilized world worked on a hexadecimal system. All that changed was that some Indian people invented the zero.

Try to a tell a mathematician that the old system made more sense, and they find it very annoying. I’m not starting a math debate, though. Its too late and the Walking Dead isn’t going to watch itself.


Citation needed / press x to doubt.


X pressed :slight_smile: 6 is a huge number, try counting from 0 to 1 and do tell how many numbers are there :rofl:

You don’t need a citation, though. We still use parts if the same system. Hence why the day has 24-hours divided into 60 minutes each, and why bakers and farmers have traditionally counted produce in sixes and dozens.

And here is a link for the invention of zero:

Yeah, you might be onto something about having too many different gigs.

That being said some of of my alternative gigs have actually earned me a few hundred dollars this month and I don’t want to pause them.