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Turns out I have a nice voice. WHO KNEW!

I have been a theatre and film actor for years, and now I have decided to move into the voice over world! It’s a crazy transition. I have been on Fiverr now and a few other places around the internet, getting my voice out there and being heard. Being relatively new to the industry, I’ve started feeling out what I’m good at, and what sort of work clients want me to do for them.

I’m a young, 22 year old guy with a soft but energetic voice. Most of my voice overs so far have consisted of narrating something thought provoking and coming from a young person who is full of life. I believe I can add some great value to people with my youthful voice overs and background in performance industries.

Here’s a link to my gig for anyone looking to check it out!

Nah… it sounded like a frog…

i’m just kidding :slight_smile:

you’ve got talent my friend… keep it up! show them up! bring them up!

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