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Tutorial for dealing with unresponsive buyers

Well, the last few weeks, I have gotten at least 5-6 orders from unresponsive buyers. Without any of the necessary information for completing the project. I have lost a couple of Benjamins in this process, and my gig started to suffer in the search rankings.

Luckily, as I was informed from customer support, that in situations like those, the best solution would be to contact them. I still lose the funds, but at least they cancel it without negative impact on my rankings (I might be wrong, as sometimes CS reps are contradicting one another, which is totally understandable as most of them are specialized for different problems).

Anyways, my opinion in dealing with such buyers is non-existent. I have tried delivery extensions, messages in both, inbox and at the order page.

In my opinion, for newbies that deal with those issues, is to ask for a delivery extension, by choosing the option called “Not enough information”, wait 48 hours for the buyer to respond, and if that doesn’t happen contact customer support.

What to avoid in situations like that?

  • Never spam the buyer with millions of messages. One message at the order page and another one in their inbox would be enough. Because from my experience some buyers only check the inbox, and never check the order page until they get a notification that the order was delivered.

  • In case the buyer was “kind enough” to leave a phone number or an email address. Prior contacting them, please make sure that customer support would allow it. Which in most cases would be no.

  • You can create a thread in the forum, but do not mention buyer names, order value, and similar information.

  • Do not send a couple of messages to customer support, only one message is enough. Those guys are busy and it might take them a day to respond. They are not robots.

  • Do not cry, take a :cookie: or perhaps a :beer:, and chill until you get back from the buyer or from customer support. However, if you have a lot of orders in your queue, focus on those.

I hope that I wasn’t boring. Afterall, I am a good freak. :wink:


My personal experience with this is that you are wrong.

Quote from a customer support agent:

We are not saying all cancellations are bad - we actually heard from a lot of sellers in the community that they would like to see more accurate representations of their business. This is just one of the updates we are making in order to give you better details about your business here on Fiverr.

Additionally, our search algorithm will consider a “good” cancellation from a “bad” one when search rank is calculated. We look at when the cancellation occurred, if the cancellation could have been avoided, and who the buyer is when cancellation rate is factored.


This is the thing. I was told that canceling orders which have never started by one CS agent wouldn’t affect my ratings. That was wrong. Later, I had an absolute idiot keep on buying my gig and saying, ‘by the way, if you ever see two orders from me, just send me a request to cancel.’ I got on to CS and they said that in that event, I could tell the buyer to go via them to cancel an order. I did just that and it still stung me.

CS is lovely but they either lie for the sake of keeping face a lot of the time or they genuinely don’t have a clue about some issues. This being the case, I’ll be waiting until there is an official clarification regarding what to do when someone wants to cancel or doesn’t provide the information required for an order to start.


Exactly, every person is specialized for a different issue, and they do not know the solutions to every problem. Sometimes, I have heard different opinions from different agents. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I send a message per day in the hope they’ll see it and note the urgency… or in case the first messages end up in the spam box by mistake (it happens)… many times it doesn’t work either, but here’s the interesting part:

A buyer responded after a few days and thanked me because I kept sending her messages - she said that the first couple of days she just trashed the emails thinking they were spam or of no importance, and after she saw that the messages kept on coming every day, she decided to take a look and read it, so she finally responded :slight_smile:

P.S. and I tend to send a message on both the order page and the inbox, because some people don’t receive one or the other at all times, which is weird… thinking about it, it’s 2017, WiFi almost everywhere, connectivity rules the day, and there are still communication barriers :roll_eyes:


Probably, but I feel uncomfirable sending a message each day. :sweat: