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Tutorial for Fiverr v2


Fiverr should create video tutorials for buyers to show them the new things that have changed. The interface is nice but navigation is not so user friendly. The search bar also brings up results not related to the keyword sometimes and that’s confusing to a buyer. It would be rather cheap to create an array of video and whiteboard tutorials for old and new buyers and new sellers. Just a suggestion.




I seen a thread where @kevinwill posted a bunch of tutorial videos. I didn’t watch any of them though, so I can’t recall the name of the thread.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: They’re posted here

But I definitely feel what you’re saying. I have a hard time searching through gigs as well, and I’m sure a lot of buyers just order the first related gig they see, which puts all other sellers at a disadvantage.

I explain everything I feel is wrong with V2 here =>


LOL well they really should have them posted on the site. people like professorpuppet, oldbittygrandma, and some of the other pros of Fiverr. I know there are a lot of other really good sellers for this type of job too. The professor did an awesome job explaining the levels system. I think that if Fiverr reads these suggestions and other suggestions from the community this would be one big suggestion. The interface is amazing, it’s has a modern look like pinterest. Navigation and usability are mind-boggling though. as a seller and buyer i rack my brain trying to weed through gigs that are unrelated to my search. If I was a first time buyer I might not see the all categories or load more. I may be in such a rush that I would order front page items not knowing other items existed. A video explaining what analytics is may help too and maybe a video explaining cancellation policies. I don’t know…but there is so much more this site could do. Even if it’s in the FAQ or on each page that needs more explanation at the top.


I was looking for FiverrTutorials as well, thanks for suggesting @kevinwill

Another website was recently launched and it seems like a promising place to pick up some good advice from sellers to sellers.


Reply to @kjblynx: Apologies for that, I’m still new at the forums.

When you say “buyer specific tutorials” what do you mean?

Let’s say if I would put an article together about SEO related gigs, would that be helpful for the community members?