Tv Show - Seasons - Designated Survivor



I hope everything is doing good here. I wanted to ask how many people here watch seasons? I am a freak who watches seasons regularly - and a lot of them.

Recently I’ve become hooked to Designated Survivor. I’ve always been a fan of Kiefer Sutherland from 24 and now this show, has me hooked.

What are your views? Or are there any other seasons you watch?

Just having a conversation here :slight_smile:


curious, I’ve never heard someone ask, ‘do you watch seasons’… more like ‘whatcha binging lately?’ haha
i’m currently watching Scandal, but the character Cyrus stresses me out too much lol


Haha new here and still trying to get the hang of the place :smiley:

I’ve heard a lot about Scandal, but never got around to watch it. What is it actually about? I love another show by the same creator of Scandal, which is How To Get Away With Murder. The Wes twist was a serious shock !! :fearful:


: )
Scandal is very good, just stressful! I do like the creator shonda rhimes, she is definitely good at what she does, but they need to cancel grey’s anatomy since it’s descended into being the tv show that never ends. i’ve never seen how to get away with murder, but i might!


Grey’s anatomy has been stretched beyond its limit. First, they kicked Izzie out, then they kicked Derek out, and now the show has become a big pile of trash. The creator needs to show get over her infatuation with the show and move on with other shows.