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TV Shows have become so boring


There are too many TV shows and most of them are boring. Even the ones I liked, Homeland, Suits and Billions, I got bored of them eventually and quit watching. When I was a teen/in my 20s there were so many great shows - X-files, Practice, Ally McBeal, 24. Damn, I miss them.


I never watch TV. What I mean by never is, I only watch TV less than 5 times in a year. I can find much more interesting things to watch on the internet than on TV. :slight_smile:


Is it after Yesterday’s Match? :thinking:

I think you need some REAL LIFE friends, writer. These are all materialistic things and you are surrounded by them all the time. Human is a social animal and the need to interact with real living people, is always there, no matter how much you avoid it.


@saddu_writer Writer likes his life as it is. He is quite content.


@misscrystal bring back that old profile pic…not sure about this one.


House of Cards is awesome.




I agree. This one is scary. edit: I changed it back but it doesn’t show on the forum yet.


log out and then log in again on forum.