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Tweet your website/message to approx 30k ACTIVE Twitter followers $5


Whether you’re a YouTuber looking to promote your channel/videos, a producer looking to promote your mixtape, a business owner looking to get traffic to your website from tweets, or just generally want to get some more “hits” to your desired website link…you’ve come to the right place!

I’m an 18 year old social media addict currently doing an apprenticeship in Social Media & Digital Marketing. I’ve learnt many useful ways to increase social media engagement, retweets, favourites, followers etc. With my experience using Twitter I would like to help out other users promoting content at an affordable price.

Due to having a large amount of followers on various Twitter accounts, I have the ability to target various audience groups. I currently have a total of over 30,000 ACTIVE Twitter followers.

My promotional tweets are set at a fixed price of $5 which is about £3.35. All payments and orders are handled via the fiverr website which is a website that allows you to sell services at $5. You can order a promotional tweet here.

I will not post: porn, racism, pay-per-click etc. YouTube videos, business websites, soundcloud links etc are all fine :slight_smile:

Please do understand, I can’t guarantee how many clicks/favs/retweets etc you will receive. This all depends on the content you would like posting.

Interested in twitter promotion? Purchase a Twitter Promotion tweet.