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Twitter Ads.. No Go ZOne

So I decided to promote my gig so that I can see if it will get some orders. Though I haven’t fully set everything up I thought that atleast I would get 1 order. Budget was 400$ for ads and the ad to run for only 4 days so each day 100$. I set up the twitter ad and hit the play button. In 24hrs twitter claimed that the ad had 36K+ impressions and over 10K clicks. On fiverr side the account and gig hadn’t received any click at all. Also hard to imagine that out of 10,000 people not even 1 was interested in purchasing my gig. The target was exact and the ad wasn’t promoted to random people who don’t have a common interest. So my thought on twitter ads is they are just bots. There is no way that fiverr analytic could read less clicks and impressions than those twitter claim if they really happened… So if you are planning on promoting your gig on twitter simply invest on growing your followers rather than paying twitter to promote your gig.


Did you try clicking on the link for your gig on twitter yourself to see if any impressions got recorded from those, the link in your ad?

Click it ten times exactly and see if you register ten clicks on fiverr analytics.

It wouldn’t show on fiverr under clicks, it would show on social media clicks.

Also I don’t know what link you used, but if you used the one fiverr provides, that one was only good for a day or so and then redirected to the fiverr home page when I tried it.

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If you send people directly to your gigs from social media you are going to have a hard time getting any conversions. Twitter is bot central as you have stated above and those stats reinforce that. I’ve had companies complain to me about the same thing after their budgets have been flushed down the toilet and they are very big budgets as well. You would be better off putting that 400$ into FB ads and sending people to a landing page first. Trying to get conversions directly from social media to your gigs is akin to grabbing someone off the street and dragging them into a shop (your gigs) and saying buy this. Also…I think your gig descriptions and package descriptions need updating. as they are not compelling enough to give people a reason to buy and I would get more detailed descriptions on them telling people why your gigs are the best thing since sliced bread


No that’s easy to imagine. As Mark said, those people are not ones who are seeking out what you are selling even if they are supposed to be targeted well. And as he said, your gig needs to be a really compelling sale gig. He’s right, that’s not the way to do this.

FB is very tricky too, and I know people who have lost money on that site’s ads as well. I’m sorry this happened to you. Advertising is a science that is not really for the faint of heart, or newcomers to it.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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I am still working on my gig description and tags but also trying at the same time to look for the best source of traffic while building a portfolio

Funny thing is the analytic don’t make sense fiverr just logged 300 additional views while twitter logged that they sent over 10k. 1 thing I am sure of is that fiverr doesn’t log bot views and clicks, so I would assume twitter launched my campaign but they couldn’t get it to hit like they thought so they added a punch of bot power to spice things up. All in all twitter ads are in my black list book.

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There might be a delay in fiverr analytics.

Did you use the link that fiverr provides? That switches to the fiverr homepage at some point fairly quick.

I feel for anyone who tries to use that link on ads they paid for.

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Yes I used the link provided by fiverr… Although it might sometimes redirect to the homepage I doubt it happens often. Let me wait and see if it is a delay issue.

Try out that link now on your ads to see what happens.

Link still works, I had bookmarked the twitter ad page and always checked if the link was still live and not once did it go off, it always landed on my gig

Interesting. Check your social clicks. I don’t think impressions/clicks have to do with advertising outside of Fiverr (only views does), I believe they have to do with people clicking on your gig while using Fiverr (not clicking on the link). I may be wrong but I tried advertising once and I got a bunch of social clicks but it didn’t change my normal clicks/impressions. I also didn’t get many orders so I’m thankful I didn’t spend a lot, its unfortunate that you put in so much money and didn’t get the results you wanted. There’s a lot of people who are dishonest and offer fake views that are bots. In my opinion its easier to stick to your own advertising. I wish you luck with your gig as it seems you have put a lot of time and effort into trying to get your first orders, which is a great start.

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I would love to see a picture of the ad you ran.

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Me too, I would love to see the ad.

@misscrystal @mabelma The ad wasn’t fancy or anything like that it was the video in portfolio ***** When you click on it, it should redirect to my fiverr gig.

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When doing any kind of social media ad campaign for a gig, I would always suggest you create a specific landing page - not directly to the gig itself. In this way, you can measure the results much more accurately as well as talk up your service and ensure that when the visitor does get to your gig they are actually ready to buy as opposed to just looking around.

Also, the number of clicks that Twitter says you got probably refers to the number of plays the video got rather than the number of clicks through. This could include those autoplays that occur when people scroll through their feed.


Thing is, if the ad wasn’t fancy or anything. Why would anyone click it? Was it a good ad? Perhaps a lot of people did watch it but it wasn’t enough to catch their attention. Also what @eoinfinnegan just said is a very powerful thing for advertising, you need to better track those clicks. What about video itself did it get any more views?

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@eoinfinnegan :thinking: auto playing videos now I see why they munched up all my campaign funds… @mabelma I am not sure how the people clicked the link without ending up in my gig itself, the link I was promoting was for a whole gig and not a video link. I would assume that if someone clicked the link they would be redirected to my main gig where they would then watch the video, hence my fiverr views should be almost the same as what twitter is showing me.

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Copy the link from the browser address bar instead of the link provided by the share gig feature. I have noticed the share link works randomly, sometimes as you said directs to the Fiverr home page instead of the gig.

I already moved on from that, I realized that nothing much would be gained by using twitter ads.

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Has anyone used Facebook Ads at all and what was your experience? Thanks Tarnia x