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Twitter followers disappeared... what to do?


I ordered Twitter followers from someone here on Fiverr and everything seemed fine but a week after half my followers unfollowed. I messaged the seller a day ago but since hasn’t responded. Can I threaten to change my review to one star or is this against the TOS?



If you’re unhappy with the service, you’re allowed to change your review to whatever you feel is fair (as long as it’s within the allotted time frame).

Bulk social media followers are notorious for being low-quality and even dropping off fairly soon after buying. Usually sellers like to refund these orders to keep their feedback clean. If they’re lower than level 2 though, that might not bother them as much.

I want to give you a caution about this. If you didn’t spend much, changing your review instead of trying to get a refund would be a nice way to warn other potential buyers. If you do get a hold of the seller, though, I would suggest not asking them to re-add the followers.

You have a very strong chance of getting your Twitter account banned if you do. I made the same mistake when I didn’t know that could happen. If you get your money back instead of leaving a review, you might want to use the money to get Twitter traffic in a more natural way. You could buy a gig to have someone promote your Twitter account on a large blog, on their Twitter feed, on Facebook or whatever looks good. You may not get very many followers but it’s a start and you’ll have real organic followers instead of fakes that get you in trouble.

I think this is the reason follower and like gigs are not allowed. As they are usually from fake accounts or just people that are tricked to follow. So the twitter accounts can get deleted and people will unfollow when they notice they’re following someone they haven’t intentionally followed.

If seller does not respond, it’s best to contact support and tell them your story. Unresponsive sellers are not valued, so you will most likely be getting your money back and the seller a warning.

So in short, it’s never a good idea to purchase likes or followers, especially if they are cheap. Cheap is unsafe and does not last long.

I agree with all of the above comments. I experienced the same with a couple of app review gigs - they disappeared 2 days after they were posted. These sellers do prefer to refund you as sara1984 said, and I was in fact eagerly refunded which I believe was to maintain their rating. I wish I had left a review to warn other potential buyers rather than accept the refund at the time.

Hey Riley,

You can always wait before you close the order.

And request a revision, just to drag out the time.

I have bought these same gigs and it happens all the time.

This thread is from March 2015.