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Twitter gig help


My twitter marketing gig was removed by fiverr. Because they said i’m Violation of 3rd party TOS. It’s Ok.
But i can’t understand there have lot of Twitter marketing gigs doing same service like my gig. But they still Do there gig serviced and i can’t give that service. I don’t understand this.


I don’t know why some questionable Gigs are allowed to remain open while others are taken down. I guess it doesn’t matter too much. All you can do is worry about your own service. If Fiverr has seen you sell something against their TOS, your only choice is to close that Gig or edit it significantly.


IT’s really disappoint :frowning:


There was a lot of controversy a few years ago. Fiverr got a bad reputation for allowing sellers to sell fake likes/reviews/followers, etc. Since then, the company has been clamping down on questionable gigs.

If you’re just offering marketing advice and nothing dodgy, there may be a way to present your gig so that it doesn’t violate any rules.


i’m doing only Retweets… not doing followers or views.


Yes, this is because Fiverr caught you only. The one who is caught is punished. Now even if you take screenshots and show them to Fiverr CS, they will send you a templated reply that they are removing such gigs gradually. Sad truth!


If fiver search “TWITTER” keyword they can find lotof similar gigs :smiley: