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Two account on one PC?

I have a Fiverr account and I created this 1 year ago. I worked hard for success but I can’t.No order.
I’m not a rich person. I have just one laptop.
I decide my present Fiverr account will delete and then create the new account on the same laptop. ( same network, same IP address, same pc).
Actually I don’t want to use the present account when I create a new account and the present account will be deleted.
1 year I try my best , but I fail.
Now I want to see the new account for the new start.
Please help me. I can do the new account on my pc which already has one account but present account will be deleted


Creating a new account won’t make things better plus you run the risk of getting into trouble with fiverr. Just scrap what you have now, and create some new gigs; this is easier than trying to create a new account due to something not working right.


Let’s take a hypothetical situation:

John is a writer and writing novels, however his writing is not that good and he is not a native speaker but he is still willing to do his best. Unfortunately people don’t really appreciate his work and they don’t order from him because he has grammar mistakes in his novels.
Then John decides that he needs to change something to get better. He thought very hard and decided to buy a new laptop, because it seems that all good writers has a MacBook and his laptop is an old HP. He is very sure that getting new laptop will bring him success as all successful writers using that laptop.

So how do you think, will new laptop help John to get more clients?


Reminds me of the conversation I was having with my nephew. He told me his artwork wasn’t great because he wasn’t using quality supplies and that he should purchase the big name art supplies to improve his work. I told him buying big name art supplies isn’t going to improve his artwork as he will get the same result.


I don’t see what the computer has to do with it. First delete your old account then make a new one. You don’t need a new computer for that. Just do not have two accounts at the same time. It would be best to tell customer support you are doing that.

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Hi Tohidul. If you think a new account will help and you don’t have any warnings on your current account, there shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure to follow the steps Fiverr details for people who want to change their username (as the only way to do that is to close the current and open a new account, i.e., what you want to achieve).

I’m pretty sure that Fiverr couldn’t care less if you use your old or a new computer, they just don’t want people to have more than 1 account and they don’t want people who have been banned to open new accounts. I’m not sure about warnings, in case you received a warning on your account in the past, it might be better to ask support first if it’s okay to close this and open a new account.
If you want to be very sure that it will be fine, you’ll have to ask support.

To close your account, go to your profile Settings .


  • If you have funds in your account, you will need to withdraw your funds before deactivating your account.
  • If you would like to use your existing email address for your new account, you’ll need to first change the email address on your existing account, and then close the account.

I agree generally with what has been said above, a new account alone probably won’t magically get you sales, but if, after a whole year without sales on this account, you’ll feel better with a fresh start, a different username (think well about the name before you’ll register as you can’t change the user name without repeating the delete old account/register new account procedure), a consistent “brand image” throughout your new profile and gigs, it might motivate you to work harder for your success if working hard didn’t work. :wink:

Whether you start out new or keep trying with your current account, don’t underestimate things that probably would help more than a new account, like reading all the material by Fiverr that’s available (Seller Help Center + Fiverr blog articles), doing the free course, reading the forum articles about how to get sales, reading general “stuff” about getting sales and whatever you can find about your specific niche, trying to level up your skills, proofreading your profile text and gig descriptions, …

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That’s why I called it “hypothetical” situation. And that’s how I explain things to small kids, you don’t chew that info and spoon feed them but you’ll let them think.

But I’ll explain. :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming:
Computer is a tool. New account is a tool. No matter how many accounts or computers you’ll change you still upload the same work in your new “computer” aka “account”.
No point in changing tools if you didn’t improve your work and knowledges.


This Accounts have already 3 cencel order