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Two accounts on Fiverr

Sir, can i make two accounts on Fiverr ?

NO, as I know 1 man 1 ac.
For more please read the fiverr T&C.

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Did you read fiverr TOS? Because you did tick the box and agreed that you read TOS when you signed up to fiver.

It is strictly forbidden to have 2 accounts.


Maria, who even reads that? I’m sure I don’t. And don’t say that you read that whole text when you make a new account on smth.

Well I did, and that’s why I know this information.

If you are ignoring it it doesn’t mean that everyone does.

And now that you know this fact I would advise you to go and read it ALL through. We saw too many cases with people who didn’t read tos coming to the forum and complaining “why my account got banned”


Why is it necessary for you to have two accounts?


I did.

If money’s going to be involved, and if I plan to earn something with that account, I’m definitely going to read it.

Keep in mind that, if you break the rules, you can get banned, and “I didn’t read the ToS” isn’t going to be treated as a valid excuse.

Of course, if your account doesn’t matter to you, I guess you don’t have to bother to read the rules. I just hope that, if you do become a heart surgeon (as you say you want to be on your profile), you won’t skim through important texts.


And this is why people get into trouble - even in real life - and then try to justify themselves by saying “It’s not fair! You must understand, I didn’t know that…”. :roll_eyes:

Just because you didn’t, doesn’t mean others used their discernment and did read “that whole text” in their own benefit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: