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Two accounts on same wifi

can I use two accounts on same Wi-Fi, same Service but different devises is it possible?


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Yes, you can access your account on different devices. (Do NOT make more than one account, though.)

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@imagination7413 thank you

You are absulutly right :white_check_mark:

No you can’t provide same service using two device from the same IP address , Don’t do this

That wasn’t the OP’s question.

You are correct in that there’s a very strict one-account-per-person limit (Fiverr uses IP to help detect people having multiple accounts), but the OP is asking about accessing one account from (example) both desktop and cell phone on the same network.

As long as they are 2 persons and using their own devices. Fiverr has no problem.

I think he is asking about having two accounts with the same IP service that use different devices.

That is not true. My husband wanted to set up an account to sell services different from what I offer on Fiverr. I contacted CS and this is what they said.

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Original post was edited. And, yes that changes my response.

In short: DON’T.
In long: see @vickiespencer’s post.

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I do not like it when OPs do that. It makes the rest of us look like idiots!