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Two accounts use on same niche same ip


hello fiverr Community

i want to know that me and my brother both are graphic can we use two fiverr account on same niche same laptop or if we use separate laptop on same IP so its against fiverr rules or not ?



Contact Customer Support, tell them all about it, and do what they tell you.

Forum users are mostly sellers and buyers, and you will need an official answer and an official approval from Customer Support for this (if you get the approval, save the screenshots).


As per my Knowlege. Don’t do this…
as @catwriter say. Contact Customer Support and Tell him about your issue.

As per Fiverr TOS you can not use multiple accounts… Moreover, how they can find it ? (From your ip )
So be careful…

Happy Selling.


Thank you for guidance :slight_smile:


When I’ve seen them approve family users it’s been on different niches. They might still OK it, but if you are doing the same work type, why not team up on one account? Some sellers working in teams get more orders and more money because they can deliver more.


Yes mostly confused on this topic. Mostly siblings want to work on same
Niche. So that’s mean different Laptop or Different Internet connection
need when we want to work on same


@g_designer1 You could all work on different laptops and the same or different internet connections, but have one person (probably the best communicator) be the “team leader” and handle the Fiverr account itself. That’s very common for teams on Fiverr. I know of one 5 person team that uses one account to do web development and the account as TRS status and manages more than 100 orders a day by splitting them up between team members. There is plenty of potential there. I wish I were lucky enough to have several sisters who wanted to divide up the work. :slight_smile:

This team suggestion isn’t the only way, you could all have separate accounts and just make sure you do not ever share the same internet or the same IP address. If you have multiple skills, you could also choose instead of have separate accounts but not be in the same niche. I think you’d need to choose a clear path to stay out of trouble. Two or more accounts on the same IP selling the same type of gigs would be very difficult to manage even if you can get approval.