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Two accout one pc One for my wife and one for my how can use?

My wife just start working at fiverr. We have one PC her account log in with mobile. but up-lode a gig need to log in pc so can i add this account on my pc ??


Suggest you get permission from Customer Support otherwise both accounts risk being banned.


thanks you very much

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No if you use same pc both accounts will be band

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Yes sure you can edit your gig no problem

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I should change GIG Image

But if your gig have good impression no need to change


gig impressions regularly up those i create 2 week ago .

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It happened to my Gigs.
Lost rank :thinking:

Dear bro, fiverr not allow two account one pc. Please contact fiverr support.

Thanks you very much i just inform to fiverr support Let see what should the reply Come

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If you want help with something else you need to create another new topic for this.

yea my previous topic was that but i did not get any reply of that .

You will have to wait for replies. That is how the forum works.

Your initial question in this topic has been answered.

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i think it good suggestion