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Two businesses, two different accounts?

Hey guys,
I read the Terms and Conditions and even spoke to support but I’m still baffled as to why can’t I open two accounts, one for each of my businesses - both having their own website, facebook page, email address etc.

Yes, they’re both audio/music related but that doesn’t mean I’ll be offering the same services, quite the opposite. One is a collaboration with a colleague and is a much more prestigious business that has its own unique services we can’t put on a regular $5 account. The other is a private small business which is using my own skills in a much smaller scale, like I said - there’s no crossover other than our names.

What can I do?

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Hello, you can have different types of gigs in one account. You can differentiate the gigs in your images and prices and descriptions.

Remember too that although your other business is prestigious and you may not think it’s the same level as a $5 account, buyers won’t necessarily realize that and even if you have the greatest business in the world you might have to start out at $5 until you build up your reputation on fiverr.


Hey misscrystal, thank for replying.
This is a service(s) we offer together but do wish to each have his own account for personal and less complex gigs.

Is my only option is to each have the same gig on our private accounts?

Your associate can have his own account.

Anyway the rule of fiverr is one account per person. If you have a business find a way to add a gig for that to your personal account. As I said, people aren’t going to see that and think it’s exclusive, important and expensive unless you have reviews for it. I hope you see what I mean.

I don’t see a reason for each of you to have the same gig on both of your accounts. It isn’t important generally to buyers if there are more than one of you. It’s not even important to you if you consider yourselves an established, ongoing high end business. Proving yourself with some successful orders is what’s important.


Fiverr doesn’t want too many gigs from the same person. Imagine a flea market where one guy has ten tables. That would hurt other sellers. It would be like having a street with only McDonalds and no other restaurants.

This way, you can have 10 gigs, someone else can have 10 gigs, and so on.

Your colleague can have his own account with his own gigs.

I don’t recommend two people sharing an account on Fiverr unless they’re married to each other, and even then, it’s usually not a good idea. What if your colleague makes more money than you? What happens when you withdraw $100? Does he get $80 and you get $20? It’s better to just have your own account.

Or consider this situation. You sell X, your partner sells Y. You get a message related to a Y order. Do you answer it? Do you call your partner?

Working alone is better for everyone.


But that’s exactly my point, it’s not McDonalds and not the same service… If we talk real life, they will both have different bussines accounts and file papers differently for each, so that’s not the case at all.

Also, if my job depends on working with a colleague (I’m no drummer), would you still not recommend us working together?


Absolutely, thank you

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Wouldn’t that be anti-competitive really, restricting gigs just so it doesn’t hurt the sales of other sellers?
And aren’t anti-competitive practices generally not lawful? If a seller can provide a good service in a particular gig why shouldn’t they be able to have that many gigs (unless the seller creates an unreasonable amount eg. so it becomes too time-consuming for Fiverr to check each gig).

If showing too many in the search engine is a problem they could still allow a lot more on the seller’s profile eg. maybe double the amount currently allowed for each level (or allow multiple pages of gigs on the profile). They could also allow all sellers to create new gigs when their active count is less than specified for the category (as that is what it’s meant to be based on). Allowing more gigs could allow for more specific pricing and delivery times by making gigs more specific.

I think what he meant is that if you only have a few gigs they are more likely to be in good positions.

OP you can work with other people and it’s done a lot here. But it has no bearing on your gigs, how you present them, or your account and how it’s set up. You can work out the details with the other people you work with.


I don’t see why that would be the case. You can’t create (or less likely to be able to create) seasonal gigs. You would be less likely to be able to try out what gigs work best for you. Trying out many different options would allow you to see which were most profitable for you. The most profitable would then likely be in good positions in the search.

@uk1000 If you have 20 gigs you get a lot of exposure. If you only have three gigs, to get any exposure they have to be in good positions. See what I mean?

Fiverr likes to keep the playing field as even as possible within the parameters of good sellers.

You mean restrict competition by allowing fewer gigs?

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No. I mean it might be wiser for a seller to have fewer gigs. Sellers think the more gigs they have the more chances for sales but it may work the opposite way.

I don’t know that I’m just speculating.

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But with fewer gigs I’d never know if I could be better at and more profitable at doing some other gigs instead. I’d have to keep deleting gigs to try something new (depending on level).

People can be skilled in many subjects (eg. more than Fiverr will put on their screen), so they should also allow them to have gigs in many subjects simultaneously.

Yes you would have to try things, or simply start out doing the one thing you do best, depending on what you do and your talents.

I recommend most sellers need to try different things to see what works best for them.

I know lots of sellers have lots of gigs and do very well that way. Others only have one or two and do well.

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But surely more gigs would provide more data to see which someone is better at and which are becoming most profitable. You could then remove (or if the level allowed pause some) to try new ones, maybe related to the ones that worked. Having only a tiny few gigs doesn’t give you that info or you’d keep losing money by deleting ones that might be profitable to try new ones.

It all depends on what you do and how talented you are. I know sellers who only have one or two gigs who do incredibly well and don’t need any more, such as voiceover artists. I know a top artist here with only four gigs who does extremely well.

I didn’t say everyone should only have one or two gigs.

Other top sellers have 20 or more gigs and do well. It just depends on how you handle your business, but more is not always better. And fiverr is not going to put 20 of one sellers gigs in top positions.

If that seller could provide the best service etc. in doing those gigs (better than any competing seller with similar gigs) and/or had everything else Fiverr wants (eg. profitability) why wouldn’t they?

No I don’t think so.

Then that would again surely be anti-competitive.