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Two complaints for the price of one!

  1. What is it with graphic artists and not delivering work on time?
    I’ve worked with two (2) Level 2 sellers for graphics thus far. The first Level 2 seller was a complete disappointment; she/he failed to deliver their work on time, and provided neither an apology nor an explanation. (Pro tip: if you’re going to be late on your delivery or deliveries, at least apologize and explain your lateness!) I made inquiries of the seller regarding a new estimated time of completion, and also (as a seller myself) advised him on how you should handle late deliveries (no, I’ve never delivered work late). No response, so I cancelled the order, believing THAT would take a long time on account of my lack of responses from the seller. Nope – agreed to cancel the order within minutes of my request being posted.

  2. Never acquiesce to a demand for free work.
    Fiverr’s ToS defines buyers as “users who purchase services on Fiverr.” If a person does not PURCHASE a service which you offer on Fiverr, they are not a buyer! Recently I had a user (out of nowhere, but presumably in response to an offer I made through the Buyers’ Request section) demand quite rudely that I write a resume and cover letter for them, and to get started with working on an order which didn’t exist. The Gig to which my offer related did not provide a resume and cover letter writing service (but rather a CRITIQUE of already existing resumes and cover letters), so I was rather confused during the ordeal… which ended with the person saying “I’m ready to pay once the work is completed” or words to that effect. Needless to say my responses stopped shortly afterwards.

Those two things have been weighing on my chest, and it felt good to get them off.


A rude demand is the point I stop communicating with someone.

Regarding graphic artists, try a Top Rated Seller with tons of 5 star reviews and lots of buyers waiting in his or her queue, and only a handful of negative reviews. There are so many graphic artists on fiverr that you can be very picky about who you hire and take the time to make sure you have the best before you hire them.

It feels good for us to read these stories! (Well also, frustrating…) But it lets us know that we are not alone in dealing with the jerks that come onto Fiverr. Thank you for your in depth story. UGH. How frustrating!