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Two day 103 impression no click

Hi everybody, publish my frist facebook marketing. I noticed two day my gig impession is 103 and no click. Please your valuabel openion its good or bad.

hey i have only 36 impressions and two clicks for 5 days do not worry and do not be too hurry be patient and try for buyer requests then you will be able to get extra sales. I am also doing the same way and I am not expert but thought to share my opinion with you friend

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Hellos, I have had a quick look at your page and on first impressions, your primary gig image is a bit difficult to read. To help with this, I would recommend swapping the text colour to white and also pick a standard font to use throughout.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 13.33.39

Instead of having a list of 7 items you do on the first image, perhaps the ‘Social Media Marketing’ on the primary image and then have a few more images showing potential customers what you’re able to do. Keep the images minimal to help focus on the key points being made.

I hope you don’t see this as being negative, just some constructive criticism to improve :slight_smile:

Thank you frienrd for your valuble tips.

ok I try to that, thanks for your suggestion bro.

I’m a new seller but not a new freelancer.

I published my second gig.
115 impressions and 5 clicks only 2days.