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Two days on this platform and I'm already frustrated

I am new on Fiverr and I am just starting to create Gigs and I haven’t started advertising them yet. But the third Gig that I created was automatically denied by Fiverr to where I can’t even access it. The gig wasn’t even remotely violating Fiverr’s terms of service so its super frustrating to see that I can’t even edit it or try to understand why its been removed. My goal today was to finish getting to five gigs and then start sharing my account around campus but I’m waiting until Fiverr support gets back to me. Honestly if the process of creating a Gig is going to be a hassle then Fiverr clearly doesn’t want any money from me.

What has your experience been like talking to the support team on Fiverr? Is there any chance that I can appeal my gigs getting removed?

For context the Gig that was removed was “Feedback and Fact Check for school projects” the gig was removed because “Your Gig requires modification - General TOS violation” which obviously means the robot thinks I am going to just do someones homework for them which is ridiculous. A huge market for writing/editing is students so if I cant use the word School Projects then it would be pretty difficult to do anything like that here on Fiverr.

Sorry for the rant but I’m hoping you will all have good tips on how to navigate the issue.

Thank you!

Fiverr considers most gigs related to any academic work/assistance a direct violation of ToS.

Some people do try to find loopholes around it but I never heard of it ending well.


Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


If that’s the case I suppose my frustration would be that their terms of service does not say that.
“Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers” being listed as “prohibited use” is not nearly as restrictive as what your describing.

I am a proofreader. When I first started I offered to proofread Academic Work. Fiverr took down my gig until I removed that phrase.


I would be happy to remove the phrase if Fiverr wants me too (even though it doesn’t violate the tos) but deleting the gig seems absurdly strict.

I know you think you’re not violating the terms of service, but I wouldn’t say “even remotely”…at the very least is a grey area.

Personally, judging from the title alone, I’d see as a violation, but I think the best you can do is wait for Support’s response, although I think it’s unlike they’d reinstate your gig.

So in the meantime I’d also think of alternative gigs you can offer using your skills.


I’m not sure how what you’re offering would not be considered academic assistance. If you just change the phrasing/remove certain words but keep providing the service for students specifically, sooner or later it’ll catch up with you and lead to penalties including an account restriction.

The general rule of thumb is to steer away from anything “academic” at all times.


Support got back to me and informed me that they think any kind of assistance with school/academic projects is restricted. My frustration is with the fact that Fiverr wastes my time by deleting the gig when their TOS does not say that editing/feedback offers are against their TOS.

Why was my Gig denied?

If your Gig has recently been denied, you will receive an email update explaining why. Unfortunately, once your Gig has been denied, it will not be restored. If you are still having issues understanding why, we advise that you review our Terms of Service for more information.

The above is from here:


You are in a period of adjustment to fiverr which will smooth out as you go on. You may bump into a few rules along the way.

Since it is Fiverr’s platform they get to make the rules. :wink:

From past experience, they have discovered that offering help with any academic-related work has resulted in issues for the platform. :roll_eyes:

Fiverr wants to protect itself as well as the sellers. So, it is not a matter of wanting your business or not. It is a matter of good business sense. They do not want to see sellers and themselves get into trouble with the education system in the way they both did with Amazon. :scream:


Why not offering the same service, but for writers instead of students? “Feedback and Fact Checking for Writers”? Fiction and non-fiction writers could definitely use help in that area.


How is fact checking “not remotely” a violation?

Students have to do their own fact checking. That is literally the whole point of giving students a research assignment. It IS part of their assignment, not some extra nice-to-have.

If you don’t want to lose access to your work, write it elsewhere and then copy and paste it into the gig.