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Two designers with same image


I am wanting a design based on one I have seen however 2 people have the same logo ?


Sorry didn’t make that clear 2 designers have this image as their work


I would check googles web cache to see who had the log first then contact the seller to inform that another seller is using his/her gig image


You could actually ask if they designed the work or just made edits to it.

I have one logo in my live portfolio that just needed a format change and one that just needed a tagline change. I didn’t design them but it shows up as if I did. I wish I could remove them but it’s up to the buyer to remove it from the seller’s portfolio.

They’ll fall off eventually as new work replaces old work is but I cringe every time I see them. lol.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that!


Reply to @urbancreative: next time you could deliver it in a zip file, only image and video file would show in portfolio.