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Two Devices One Account Two IP network Simultaneously


Hi there,

I want to use one Fiverr account on two PC using different IP address. Does this go against Fiverr condition?

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Madhu Gupta


No. I use my Fiverr account on many different devices. A problem would arise from using multiple Fiverr accounts on one IP address.


Hi There,
Thank you for your question, i want to know if use my fiverr account in two pc with different ip in the same time

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You can use your fiverr account to mobile device, tablets, pc, macs, etc… there wont be any issue. But please do not use 2 fiverr account on same pc!


Thanks for the reply.


Thanks @e1marketing


Use fiverr on any device or more than one device even at the same time. As long as it’s just one account that you have it’s no problem.


can me and my brother use two accounts on same network


Thank you, miss.


can I use my Fiverr account on my pc and at the same time on my smartphone


How many accounts are allowed, officially?


Only one account per person.

@apremrai - yes you can use both PC and smartphone. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for your help


offlinehelpers thanks…


As long as you just have 1 account, open the account on multiple device irs okay.

In fact it is good so you can give respond much faster if you use fiverr app in mobile device or tablet.

But make sure 1 person only 1 account.


thanks for your help gunawanguan


Yes u can use…