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Two different cards charged and the order isn't to be found anywhere

I tried to purchase a gig with two different cards and ln both occasions the page crashed with my cards being charged. It’s really annoying that there is no phone number to call or at least a live chat for these events and we just have to sit it out while our money is gone.

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First of all don’t worry. Fiverr for some reason has this bug but it is resolved in 100% cases.

There is no phone number, but you need to open a ticket with support (contact us button at the bottom of help page) and fiverr CS will solve it for you.

It might take them a couple of days to respond due to current situation but they will solve it as soon as they get to your ticket


I’m confident that it will be sorted out sooner or later but still a company of this size should sort these issues out, work a lot better and offer a more decent customer support.

Now I got an email asking why I haven’t completed my order :man_facepalming:t2:

Don’t worry, I hope fiber will solve this very soon.