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Two different sellers selling identical video intros

During searching logo intro animation, I found that two sellers are selling identical same video intros. How it be possible that both have created same content.? or may be seller has 2 different account for getting more orders.

I’d say either one stole content from the other or they both got it from somewhere else, and I guess it’s possible it’s one seller with two accounts but I can’t imagine that scam lasting very long.

I agree with roots282, someone probably stole the video. That’s really crummy. Maybe you should alert the users.

Almost all the animated logo intros sold here are either stock or Envato Studio sourced animations. If you like, you could go over to a stock animation site today, buy a file, learn how to add different logos to the animation, and start selling on Fiverr in less than 24 hours. There is nothing wrong with doing this. However, problems will arise if a person doesn’t hold the necessary rights to the original video animation they are using.

Your best course of action here is to simply contact one of these sellers directly in order to ask why their product is so similar to someone else’s.

There are various pieces of software available (cloud and PC based) to produce video intros (not using Envato).

Both sellers may have 100% the right to sell their video intros on Fiverr.

No theft, just legitimate use of the software.