Two different sellers with same images


Hi, I am currently searching fiverr for children’s book illustrators and I noticed two different sellers have the exact same image on their portfolio. One is female and the other is male, both from the US. How is this possible?
I’m a new buyer on fiverr so forgive me if this is not unusual. :smiley:


One of them is copycat checkout there reviews and find out which one is real.


No idea - have you messaged them to ask them?

Could it be a stock image?


They both listed as new sellers. No ratings either.


Sometimes situations like this happen here on Fiverr, Ive seen it with logo design myself. Could be stock images, but I would certainly ask if only for kicks to see how they would explain this :slight_smile: Perhaps there is a good reason behind this situation.


It might be offline. But that’s cheating, no? LOL


Some newcomers do copy/paste images of other old and highly rated sellers for the sake of sales.You may go through their reviews to check which one are more genuine in their portfolio.:slight_smile:
Good luck!


So my suggestion is to skip them and find a seller with good feedback’s in this case.


Do a reverse search for their profile images and open a conversation with them, take note of their local time.
You’ll probably don’t want to work with either of them. (I could be wrong, though)


Without seeing the image/gigs it’s difficult to say, but if you what what @idostuff74 says, you’ll get a much better idea of what’s going on.


Naughty render… I just might. Ha


It’s a major problem in fiverr


Do report to us on the outcome will you? :slight_smile:


Most probably one stolen other persons images. I saw new gig without any review has an image saying that Most Reviewed Gig (3k+) (not exactly but something like that) owner of the image is a well known seller because he is the first result appears in searches. I message him and few days later new gig was gone.
Check the most reviewed seller from two sellers and most probably he will be the original guy.


I’m on it guys! :smiley:
So far one made an offer to me for 50us for the first page and ‘if’ I like 35us for all additional pages.


No reviews for either of them.
Both located in USA


Ask specifically for the price for that duplicate page on both profiles :joy:


Is the gig’s image one with a fly amanita and a mouse? I saw two female sellers using this and they’re both most certainly not from the US.


This shouldn’t happen. I would do your due diligence to the Fiverr Community and submit a ticket to CS with a link to both of the Gigs and screenshot the images that shows they’re in both of the Sellers portfolio.

They will be able to look into the issue from the inside (ie. order deliveries of said image). While they won’t be able to share anything with you but you can always check back to either Gigs after a few days to see which one got removed (ie. which one was stealing images if not both).

Copyright is taken very seriously here on Fiverr, so I’d definitely let Fiverr what you found and let CS handle it. Btw, good eye! :wink:


Bahahahaha… Dies!! LOL!!