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Two difficult situations im in - Advice appreciated


Hi there 5R people!

Just wanted to find out something…

I got featured on yesterday’s newsletter…I got a ridiculous amount of sales done! SO HAPPY!

However the first 10 sales or so were made before being able to change the deadline times…So i got like 10 logos or so to do within 3 days! What would one normally do in this case? Ask for an extension and explain the situation?

Secondly…one does one do with purchases where the client hasn’t posted any information regarding what they needed done…even after contacting them multiple times?

Any feedback appreciated!


Hey, thanks for the info!


kjblynx said: send another message to them explaining why you want to cancel and how they can stop the cancellation.

commandaricky said: commandaricky

I would be extremely cautious doing this, I've been told directly by Customer Service that if you set your duration, you are expected to deliver accordingly regardless of any influx in orders. You can't (shouldn't) cancel or prompt cancellation requested based on your set delivery time it's considered to be 'unjust' or 'without cause'.

I say be cautions because if a buyer fights you on it (as they cannot be forced to mutual cancel) and reports you will likely have issues with Customer Service and you'd be violating Fiverr's own Terms of Service.

From the Terms of Service we all agreed to during sign-up and states: "Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel on a regular basis or without cause."

Fiverr's cancellation policy: "Fiverr is not responsible for the content, quality or the level of service provided by the Sellers. We provide no warranty with respect to the Gigs, their delivery, and any communications between buyers and sellers."

This isn't to scare you, I'm just saying be really cautious - plan for the worst and hope for the best. You don't know what will happen (or who will confront you) and risking your account or potential future Fiverr feature isn't worth it. Fiverr's giving you a chance to shine!

I've been in your shoes and before you jump to cancelling be real with your buyers. Let your buyers know you've been featured in the newsletter, ask them to please be patient, let them know what order number they are in line and then pull a few all-nighters! Many of these new buyers will understand and won't expect you to have a logo done and delivered in a few hours.

I know it's hard work, but coming from someones who's pulled several all-nighter after being featured on the front page, etc. it is worth it! Not only are you pushing yourself professionally, but you've been given free marketing by Fiverr that will not only pay off really well in the short term financially, but also in the long run with new (likely repeat) buyers.

In the meantime, extend your days so you can have time in between the next flow in orders. Also, congrats!