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Two Disputes on 2 Similar Orders for the Same Reason in 2-Weeks

You know how you know a buyer is a scammer? It’s simple. They are too stupid to even hide the fact.

Two weeks running now, I have had two different buyers open disputes on orders for the exact same reason. This being that:


I even had a hunch with the second-order that it was the same buyer right from the beginning. They ordered direct, gave similarly vague instructions each time, and with both orders, insisted that their content be plagiarism free.

As it is then, this a reminder why sellers should never cancel orders OR offer any revisions with any gig packages.

The first time this buyer ordered (from their other account) I did cancel. I did so because they were purposefully wording dispute messages to make it look like I had done something wrong. (I had not.)

As it was, I was too busy to deal with a narcissist maniac, so eventually, I canceled. I shouldn’t have though, as now this person knows they can pull the same stunt using different accounts like they are now. (I noticed this pattern a long time ago when I was a new seller.)

So far, my response to this buyer has been thus:

Surprisingly, this time this buyer has not filed another dispute straight away like they did last time. But, I guess we will wait and see.


Just report them to Fiverr Support.

Either it’s the same buyer or your name is spreading around the scammer circuit as someone who is a push-over. Hold your ground, your work is legit and you deserve to be paid.


Well, this is going to be long, drawn out, painful process.

The buyer is determined to accuse me of plagiarism. (Falsely.)

It is always the same pattern with these people.


What a disgusting person.

Funny how they are trying to convince themselves that it isn’t about the money when they are clearly a scammer.

I am so sorry that you have to deal with a buyer like that.


Yeah, when I saw the guy (whose name escapes me right now) that used to do two articles for $5 getting his whole life torn apart due to his name being shared on scammy groups because he cancelled orders a lot, I realized just how important it is to stand your ground with these types.


This person is beyond disgusting. Their real identity is easy to trace online. They present themselves as a champion of (insert socially progressive cause of choice here), they then funnel their social media followers to a gofundme page where they are raising money to over the cost of their new, supposedly socially progressive startups.


They have raised the above amount in just 2-weeks for their latest website.

This person then comes to Fiverr, places orders, and then pulls out the I’m not paying card.

This person isn’t disgusting. They are moral filth. - And they should probably learn how to cover their tracks better.


You should really contact customer support and try to escalate this issue to their upper management if required. We as sellers cannot tolerate such behavior and it is extremely unfair that your gig suffers as a result of a clearly malicious buyer who is outright trying to commit fraud.

Frame a long message to customer support and if I were a betting bet, I would wager that they would take strict action against this menace.

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