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Two Fiverr Accounts - From Fiverr Support Update


(Read the update below, to find the reply I got from Fiverr based on multiple accounts)

I think Fiverr is missing out on something here . Picture this, you are a self taught programmer, in school you studied marketing and on the side you have a mini blog where you write poems . And let’s not forget all the images you have rectified on Photoshop. You have designed all the business stuff for your family members and friends when they were starting out.

You come to learn of Fiverr . You want make some money from some of your skills. But then let’s remember you are a trained marketer. That means you understand the value of positioning. You don’t want to be the confusing profile. That corrects website code and also writes breakup poems .You have chosen to provide marketing solutions , but then you also want to be able to at least write some somber poems for the faint-hearted.

What to do ? What to do?

What if Fiverr could let you and me have at least two accounts. So that we can test out which niche is more profitable and we are most inclined to.

Some things we learn in school, some things we teach ourselves and some things we just happen to love to do. Still I would like to know if I can make a living from whatever skill it is.

Right now, since Fiverr will find that programming that functionality in the most sensible manner will take time. And by sensible manner I mean through the same account, create another account (Kind of like a shop) and re-brand it with the new Niche you are interested in.

Right now, since that feature will take some time to implement, let us just create another account using the same Email . And most importantly let it be acceptable to use the same Paypal email. Limit the number of accounts that it is possible to have (3 does not sound bad).

What do you think? We just want to be on the right side of the Fiverr laws.

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Here is what Fiverr support had to say about Multiple accounts:

Tony (Fiverr Customer Support)

Feb 13, 5:01 AM

Hi Ricky,

You can only have one account. You can only have one paypal account connected with your account. The email needs to be unique. In other words, do not create multiple accounts, use only one and connect your paypal account with it.

Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts. For more information on this, check out our Terms of Service

Hope this helps.


@@@@@UPDATE: FIVERR Position @@@@@@@


I agree but the possible problems may outweigh the benefits. I was actually told by staff we could have two accounts when I signed up as long as they did different things. There are a few sellers with a wide variety of gigs who do very well.


I would suggest something like Youtube channels. Now you can have multiple channels on Youtube and thus have the freedom to use them for different niches. Fiverr should let sellers set up different ‘shops’ with different niches. I am a motion graphics designer and I have a good amount of interest in social media marketing and voiceovers. I would like to have my own voiceover gigs in the future. I guess I could still have them on the same profile but to be honest I don’t want those to be mixed with my design gigs. I would like buyers to only see design related gigs when they are on my profile page. I haven’t personally asked the CS about multiple Fiverr accounts. But some threads keep popping up every now and then and they have confusing and contradicting answers.


Well that’s good to know. If you want a certain kind of brand then gigs need to be related .

I will try creating another account and use the same email and see what happens. I will let you know for sure how it goes.


I totally agree with you. Having unrelated gigs is not good if you are after branding your profile in some way.

In fact Youtube is the perfect example for this. Log into one and just switch as you wish. Even Instagram has followed suit. Because people are multi-taskers but they do not want to have everything in one feed.



I agree with Miss Crystal too. I asked from fiverr staff is it okay to have many accounts and they told me its okay but those two account MUST OFFER TWO DIFFERENT SERVICES. If one profile offer designing gig other one has to different one.


I have seen some extremely successful sellers with many unrelated types of gigs so I would not rule that option out. It is doable. These were top rated sellers with thousands of reviews doing about five different things on one account.


Hey . That sounds different from what the customer service guy told me above. When was this?


Interesting . Things work out differently for everyone. Don’t you agree


Interesting , I am waiting for a Fiverr update on this