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Two Gigs Denied After a Week

Hello. I have been on FiveRR for about a week now. At one point, I had four gigs, two for writing and two for computer programming. However, this morning, I was informed that my computer programming gigs were in the wrong category. Believing this to be a mistake (as I’ve noticed that FiveRR has made mistakes in other areas), I republished and sent in a help ticket.

However, a few hours later, I received an email saying that both gigs were denied. This is after they have been published for about a week. I also sent in a help ticket previously about two days ago, but that was not answered at all. I was communicating with a few different people about possibly having gigs for those two computer gigs, so I am now afraid that I will lose work.

What is the appropriate course of action for me to take now?

I suppose you’re right about the capitalization.

To answer your question, I asked for them to contact me first before placing an order, but still through Fiverr. I also referenced Game Maker Language, which is just another programming language.