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Two Gigs that can help your business and your personal health

Hello all! I have two gigs to offer that I think could help anyone out in two important areas:

  1. Business
  2. Personal Health

    I am offering authentic video testimonials for your website or business that sound enthusiastic and believable. I’ll say anything you need me to say, as well as any ad-libbing that is necessary. With a background in reporting and theatre, ad-libbing is something I’ve done for most of my adult and teenage life. All that I ask if for a short script with keywords.

    I’m also giving out health tips to ANYONE who needs to improve a body part. I’ve been bodyshaping for 11 years and I know how hard it can be to improve a body part. Maybe you have incredible triceps but your biceps are lacking. Maybe you have the upper body of The Incredible Hulk and the lower body of Susan Lucci. With a little guidance, I can help guide you towards physical improvement. I’ll provide a small workout with set reps for whichever specific body part you desire improvement.

    I respond to all orders within a day…you’ll receive your order so quick if will surprise you!

    Video testimonials:

    Body Part improvement: